Sources Of Minerals

Minerals are important elements that human bodies need for proper functioning as well as develop a strong immune system. Bone development, fluid balancing as well as nerve transmission need certain minerals to take place in a body. These minerals are magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, Sulphur as well as sodium, and they are needed in bigger quantities. Insufficient essential minerals in the body may lead to several body weaknesses such as rickets, which is caused by a lack of calcium minerals. Therefore, identification of the necessary minerals together with their sources is beneficial in maintaining a healthy life.

Sources for the minerals are mostly

Sources for the minerals are mostly from various types of food that we consume. Foods rich in proteins are a good source of iron, copper, iodine as well as zinc. These minerals are needed in little quantities hence they are known as micro minerals. Foods rich in minerals include meat, milk plus dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables,

Sources Of Minerals

Healthwise Staff, 2019.

According to the University of Florida, nuts as well as cereals supply a good quantity of minerals. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins as well as minerals that are beneficial to body development. Poultry meats as well as eggs are rich in a variety of minerals. Spinach together with cabbage are rich in vitamin A and C.